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Raising Britain's productivity is not as hard as many think. Here's what every company needs  to do.

Last week’s report from Centre for Cities revealed that the vast majority of British cities are less productive than the European average. In fact, 38 British cities out of 62 are in the bottom quarter of the league table. Considering that the report examined 330 cities across 17 countries, the picture is even gloomier.

But that doesn’t mean Britain can’t rectify its problems. Here are five steps to raising your game when it comes to productivity.

1.Your company culture is a key part of the infrastructure.

Engage your people first. Enable them with the skills, tools and techniques to improve their part of the operation, and support them with a complete system designed to encourage daily improvements. This is simple, but not easy.

Here’s how to create an empowered culture and make it stick: http://www.unipart.com/about-unipart/connecting-with-people/]

2.Share your knowledge.

When your employees share their expert knowledge in how to be more productive, it multiplies the value of that knowledge. When more people apply best practice to their working day, it accelerates productivity across the whole group.

Here’s a great example of how one of the UK’s biggest water companies shared best practice to go from being the worst to the best. Watch the video to learn more http://www.unipartconsulting.com/insights/case-studies/infrastructure management/performance-turnaround

3.Track and report on the right things.

Having access to the right information at the right time is crucial to making better decisions. Understanding what should be measured and how to measure it, is a vital step in improving the quality of your decisions.

Making the information available to the right people, when and where they need it, is just as important. Watch the video:http://productivitypuzzle.com/article/episode-5-join-the-productivity-revolution/OUurrvq8JNx

4.Engage your people.

When we talk about productivity, we are usually referring to people. Traditionally, experts measure how much output people produce per hour worked. Technology and process are supportive parts, but the biggest impact is nearly always down to the individual. ‘Invest your grey matter before your green stuff’ is a mantra that helps individuals and teams innovate and find ways to boost productivity in the most creative ways.

Encourage your people to find the way that works first, then apply the systems and technology to multiply their results. Watch the video to learn more


5.Show strong, consistent, and unambiguous leadership.

Good leaders create more good leaders, not just followers. Be clear about your vision, passionate about your values, and provide a philosophy to develop the way your organisation thinks. Guide with principles and make it stick through engagement and recognition.

What else should you know?

The Unipart Way is how Unipart embodies all of this to continually improve productivity and to inspire the people they work with. Watch the video to learn more: http://www.unipart.com/about-unipart/the-unipart-way/